Penn Center School Song

(To The tune of " Londonderry Air")

O dear Penn School, the light of our fair Island,
A beacon light of hope for far and near,
We love thy groves of pine and stately live-oaks,
They furrowed fields of corn, and homesteads dear!

On island blest, God's hand is laid upon thee,
Oh dear Penn School, God guide thy upward way,
And on that " rough and rugged road" to heaven,
May we all help bring in the glad and brighter day!

In golden marshes smiling in the sunlight,
In winding creeks that open to the sea,
We learn the joy of an outflowing service,
To God, our own fair island, and to thee!

In all our toil, and in our happy playtime,
with sunlight sifting through the trailing moss,
The vision of St. Helena still holds us,
And points the way of triumph through the cross.

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