Penn Normal, Industrial, and Agricultural School

Calendar of the All-Year School

Autumn Term

Winter Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

School opens with Parent's Day

Classes reorganized

Reports on summer holidays

Reports on Home Acres

Farmer's Fair

"Potato Week"

All pupils stay home

All Classroom teachers visit the homes according to advertised routes

Pupils above fourth grade select their home acres and projects

Community Sings

Community Council

Regular Classroom schedule

Home Acres reported on and charts kept in classrooms

Parent's day

Arbor Day


Entertainments and Mystery Play

Week of Prayer

Week of Song

Negro History Week


"Planting Week" Picnic

All pupil above fourth grade and teachers go out to the Home Acres

Parent's day

Temperance Rally

Teachers above fourth grade go to Home Acres every Friday

Community Sings

Clean-up Week

Mother's Day

Better Homes Week

Baby Day

Penn School Sunday


Spring Schedule continued on farms.

Canning at homes and schools

Community Sings

Watermelon Picnic


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