North by South:
Charleston to Harlem, The Great Migrations

Welcome to the North by South, National Endowment for the Humanities seminar web page. This web page is the final product of a year long seminar researching the migration of African Americans from south to north. This seminar was the first part of a three year process to explore the reasoning, experiences, and contributions African Americans made to the greater community as they moved throughout the country. In this first section, we explore the migration of blacks from the Charleston Low Country area to Harlem.

As a research team, the seminar was divided into five research subdivisions. Each subdivision, composed of three students, concentrated on different aspects that influenced and affected the migrants as they relocated.

Folk Art

Health Care


Death Rituals


Jon Leibowitz Candice Jones Hope Harrod Chonda Mitchell Danielle Nelson
Kamille Johnson Alan Adams Craig Jackson Adam Osborn Beth Roche
Burke Hilsabeck Hays Stone Laurie Sarpolis Caleb Wheeler Sam Ottenhoff
With these topics in mind, each group examined the transitions made by African Americans as they moved to Harlem. We found that, in most of these areas, alterations were made in these five subjects as African Americans, who relocated in Harlem from the Charleston Low Country area, were forced to adapt to the new cultural setting of Harlem. Despite the changes, however, African Americans maintained pride in and ownership of these particular aspects of their culture.


An African cosmogram that served as inspiration for the organization of this site.

The class after our last meal together at Sylvia's.


Our Thank You's, Credits, and Bibliographies

Special Thanks to two of the
most dedicated and encouraging
professors there are:

Will Scott and Peter Rutkoff

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