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Former Globetrotter and Black Baron Buys Detroit Stars

The Detroit Stars are no more. For the 1959 season until the League ends, the Detroit team will be known as the Detroit Clowns. Reese "Goose" Tatum, former Harlem Globetrotter player purchased the team for an undisclosed amount and has decided to change the name and the image. Following in the steps of former Negro League owners, such as Abe Saperstein, who also owned the Globetrotters, he will attempt to add comedy to the game, while also playing successful basketball. Tatum stated that although he owned the team, he would also play first base.

Their first game of the season is on Sunday. They will be playing the Birmingham Black Barons.

Giants Take Pennant From Crawfords

From the Chicago Defender (July 15, 1933)
The Chicago American Giants won the pennant in the first half of the Negro National league race by whipping the Crawfords in a thrilling game, 5-3. The two game series was played as a result of two games previously postponed, and although Hunter beat Willie Foster in the first game 3 to 2. Cornelius refused to be disturbed, whipping the great Satchel Paige to win the flag. The Giants finished 21-7, while the Crawfords won 20 and lost 8

Grays Primed For Series With Birmingham Barons
(Pittsburgh Courier, September 4, 1943)
The greatest crowd pleasing team turned out by Alabama in over ten years, Birmingham Black Barons will oppose the Homestead Grays at Forbes Field in Pittsburgh Tuesday night

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The 1943 NNL Champion Homestead Grays

The 1943 NAL Champion Birmingham Barons

Winners of the Negro American league first half and well ahead down the stretch, the Barons have rolled up a most impressive record for the season. They have yet to lost a series, have beaten the Kansas City Monarchs eight out of fourteen games, won 11 out of 17 from the Chicago American Giants and scored spectacular wins against Negro National League Teams on the present exhibition tour. This is the best team turned out by any southern city since the days of Satchel Paige, Bill Willis, Harry Salmon and Sam Streeter, and bids well to turn back the powerful Homestead Grays on Alabama Day, September 7.