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The class of 2004 North by South group would like to thank the following people for making this project successful:

Our professors: Peter Rutkoff and Will Scott. Thanks for having patience with us and showing us many great things.

Kenyon College for allowing us the oppurtunity to have a class like this.

Reverand Michael F. Thurman (pastor) and members of the Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church.

Pastor Victor L. Grigsby and congregation for all your help and hospitalty.

Oronde S. Sharif, Artistic Director of the African Dance and Drum Ensemble and a part-time dance instructor for Africana Studies at the University of Pittsburgh.

Mr. Paul Gardner, funeral director, and Smith and Gaston Funeral Home

Mr. Howard Johnson (funeral director and owner), Sr., Mrs. Odessa Johnson, and Mr. Howard Johnson, Jr. (funeral director and owner)of Johnson Memorial Funeral Services

Mr. Austin L. Brooks, funeral director, and Grey Memorial Funeral Home

Mr. Robert W. Pfeiffer, caretaker of Homestead Cemetery

Ms. Karen West, funeral director, and West Funeral Home

Ms. Carolyn Baker, funeral director,and Jones Funeral Home

Ms. Fern Bay, funeral director,and George H. Warden Funeral Home

Mr. Floyd Coles (funeral director), Ms. Karen Hurst (funeral director), and Gaines Funeral Home

The following cemeteries in the Birmingham area: Greenwood Cemetery, Zion Memorial Cemetery, George Washington Carver Cemetery, and Lincoln Cemetery.

The following cemeteries in the Pittsburgh area: Homestead Cemetery, Homewood Cemetery, and Greenwood Cemetery.

The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust

Laurence Glascoe, University of Pittsburgh

Senator John Heinz Pittsburgh Regional History Center

The Pittsburgh Dance Council

Shorty's Breakfast Restaurant on Wylie Avenue in the Hill District for all the good food and advise.

Jorge, Wylie Avenue (?????)

Tina Pratt, dancer originally from Pittsburgh but now teaches at Pace University.

Birmingham Public Library

Umoja Dance Company

Anicet M. Mundundu

Pittsburgh Public Library

University of Pittsburgh libraries.

Hampton Inn Pittsburgh - University Center

Best Western Medical Center Inn

Our deepest sympathes go out to the families of the to fire fighters who lost their lives on March 13, 2004 in the fire at Ebenezer Baptist Church. As well as the Ebenezer Baptist Church congregation.

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