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The Homestead Grays to take on the Birmingham Black Barons in Decisive Game 7

Tied at three games apiece, the Negro League World Series heads into the seventh and final game. The Grays, having knocked off the Barons in both 1943 and 1944, look to do it on the road Tuesday night at Rickwood Field in Birmingham. Led by overpowering right-hander Willie Pope and first baseman Buck Leonard, the Grays powered their way to a 2-1 lead in the series. But the Black Barons stormed back, with key hitting from Lorenzo "Piper" Davis and the arm of Bill Greason to take a 3-2 series lead. On Sunday, the tide turned as the Grays won in a ninth-inning thriller. We'll see tonight who prevails in what could go down as the greatest World Series in Negro League History.
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Ku Klux Klan Threatens Blacks in Pittsburgh
Terror stricken East End Blacks are seeking escape from threatened violence from a gang calling itself the "Ku Klux Klan." This sign was planted on many churches and homes:

Ku Klux Klan
The War is Over Negroes.
Stay in Your Place. If You Don't,
We'll Put You There.

All the signs are printed in red and black ink and the threats stand out in bold letters. If you see anyone putting up these signs, please inform your local community leaders.


These people are very dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. We'll keep you posted on any developments.

Pittsburgh Courier Aids Southerners in Preparations for Journey North

The Pittsburgh Courier has lent a hand to Southerners looking to make the move North. The Courier's "Society" and "Local Events" columns offer advice to Southern migrants on the best time to migrate North, and often publish specific dates when temporary work will be available in the Steel City. Angus Smith, a recent arrival in Pittsburgh, says, "I first learned about the opportunities in Pittsburgh by word of mouth. Then I read some articles in a Courier my cousin had gotten hold of. The paper really does a lot to help us." Another recent migrant, Arthur Bloom, had less kind words for the thriving paper: "The Courier doesn't want us here. They think Southerners are all uneducated hicks." Helpful or snobbish, the Courier has to be counted as a strong force in the migration.
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Student Protesters Injured in Peaceful Demonstration
Birmingham area students were injured yesterday while peacefully demonstrating against unequal access to local facilities. Birmingham's mayor Bull Connor ordered the city workers to aim firehoses at the students, capturing both local and national attention.
Louie Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald Return to Pittsburgh's Crawford Grill
A stopping place for many famous Black musicians, Pittsburgh's Crawford Grill will once again host some of the greatest ever. Louie Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald are scheduled to play there Friday night, and the tickets are flying out faster than they can print them. Although each has performed at the Crawford Grill before, this date marks the first time they will perform together in the Pittsburgh area. This duo is sure to be a winner. Bring your steady for an evening of fun!

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First Woman Intern at Tuskegee
The first woman intern ever to be received at the John A. Andrew Memorial Hospital, Tuskegee Institute, reached the campus Friday, and was initiated into the hospital routine July 1. She is Dr. Edna L. Griffin, graduate of Meharry Medical college, Nashville, a member of the 1934 class. Dr. Griffin is a graduate of Philander Smith college, LittleRock, Ark., and her home is Fort Smith. Dr. Eugene H. Dibble, medical director of the hospital, described himself as particularly hopeful for a more effective type of service with this addition to his staff, as Dr. Griffin will largely work with the young women students who come to the hospital.
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Wylie Avenue District May Be Destroyed
City officials met today for the first of several meetings to discuss the future of Pittsburgh's great black business area around Wylie Avenue, also known as the Hill District. City officials claim that the area might be torn down in the interest of Urban Renewal. Local residents, however, suspect that the officals are using this as an excuse to create a "neutral zone" between the city's black and white areas. One end of Wylie Avenue runs right into Pittsburgh's white business district. We'll keep you posted on any developments.

Consent Decree Brings Victory for Black Steel Workers

Following a series of lawsuits based on Civil Rights legislation, a consent decree has been established by the EEOC, the United States Department of Justice, nine steel companies and the United Steelworkers of America. The decree establishes goals and guidelines for the hiring and promotion of Blacks. This decree will also demolish department seniority and establish in its place plant-wide seniority as the basis for promotion, demotions and recalls in the industry.
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Annual Hill Pageant and Picnic a Roaring Success

Undaunted by the thick July heat, Black Pittsburghers drew together once again for the annual summer picnic last week. A summertime tradition in the Hill District, the picnic on Friday evening capped off a fun week filled with festivities, including games and prizes, musical concerts, talent shows and a raffle. The dinner, a lavish spread assembled by the combined efforts of many Pittsburgh ladies, was, in the opinion of Reverend John Harris, "the best one yet." Their mouths full of banana creme pie, the Ruffler triplets did not have to comment to signal their agreement.
The Black Professional Association's Beauty Pageant followed the picnic, and many onlookers concurred that it was certainly a highlight of the evening. The best of Pittsburgh's colored beauties competed in swimsuits and evening dress. In her gracious acceptance speech of the coveted crown, Miss Janelle Griggs, the lovely winner, thanked her mother and her sponsors at LaSalle's Beauty School.
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