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Throughout 1999-2000, our group researched style and beauty trends among African Americans and the effects of the Great Migration on these trends. During our time in Birmingham and Pittsburgh, we met with several people prominent in the beauty world and other long-time citizens of each city. We also conducted on-site archival research on our topic. The following pages contain the results of this research.
Little Miss Colored Birmingham Awarded

Yesterday evening, the Colored Ladies League of Birmingham named 8-year old Ellen Bellamy as the 1942 "Little Miss Colored Birmingham." Dressed in a mauve taffeta tea dress that accented her fair skin and hazel eyes, Miss Bellamy sang a charming rendition of "The Good Ship Lollypop." With her fine hair upswept, Miss Bellamy entranced the judges with her sweet personality and un-matched decorum. Mrs. June Bellamy, mother to Ellen and prominent Titusville beauty technician, was all smiles in her stunning eggplant suit and matching pumps.
The judges awarded second prize to 9-year old Celine Waymarsh and third prize to 8-year old Yvette Kingston. The Colored Ladies League of Birmingham will hold their next meeting at the Titusville Civic Hall at 8pm next Tuesday.

The Hill's Crystal Barbershop Thrives Under Business Prowess of Woogie Harris

The Crystal Barbershop, Wylie Avenue in Pittsburgh's Hill District, 1945

Birmingham Barbershop, 1930s
Lore of Precious Stones
A.P. Pittsburgh Courier (1911)

No Woman with Light Eyes Should Ever be Induced to Buy Emeralds

Fair women should remember that the turquoise is always the most becoming stone for their type. But they can also wear with distinction sapphires and opals, moonstones and amethysts.

Rubies, garnets and emeralds, topazes, amber and pink coral should appeal to dark women, for they are infinitely becoming to them.

But it is a safe rule to remember one's eyes when one chooses a piece of jewelry. No woman with light eyes should ever be induced to buy emeralds, no matter how beautiful they are.


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